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  • Eclipse RAP 2.0 Released - Same Acronym, Different Name

    On January 11th, Eclipse RAP 2.0 was released, after 6 years of development. InfoQ talked to the project lead about the release.

  • Article: Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform Use at CAS Software AG

    Eclipse RAP (Rich Ajax Platform) in the real world is covered in this case study which looks at how CAS Software AG used RAP on a recent new product offering. Eclipse Equinox is also used by CAS and covered in the case study.

  • Eclipse Ganymede: An in-depth look at RAP (Rich Ajax Platform)

    As part of the upcoming Eclipse Ganymede release which is scheduled for June 25th, InfoQ will cover a series of Eclipse subprojects. Today, the subproject is RAP (Rich Ajax Platform), which is releasing version 1.1. InfoQ spoke with Jochen Krause to learn more about RAP and what it provides.

  • E4 summit debates on the future goals and directions of Eclipse

    With only a few weeks to go until Ganymede is released, already the sights are set on the future of Eclipse, referred to as E4. A recent E4 Summit debated the future goals and directions of where Eclipse is going in the future.

  • EclipseCon 2008 Roundup

    Last week's EclipseCon delivered 300 presentations and tutorials to a crowd of over 1,400 attendees. InfoQ looks at the highlights including the newly announced Eclipse Runtime as well as EclipseLink and OSGi advancements.

  • Eclipse RAP 1.0 Brings RCP and OSGi to Ajax

    The Eclipse Foundation released the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) 1.0 on Monday. The Eclipse RAP is an Ajax toolkit for creating and deploying Rich Internet Applications geared towards enterprise developers.

  • Eclipse RIA Tools Updated

    The Eclipse Foundation has announced two project milestones aimed at improving Rich Internet Application development, the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) has hit milestone two with support for JFace dialogs and the Eclipse Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF) has added support for OS X.