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    Agile Architecture Applied

    by Wim Heemskerk Follow 0 Followers , Minze Tolsma Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 23, 2014 4

    Agile is adaptive. When and how to apply architecture depends on the context. This article first explains why this is the case and then how you can still give proper attention to architecture in an agile setting. Adaptability and conversation are the essentials.

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    The Top Five Challenges of Building Software Platforms in the Agile World

    by Yaser Ghanam Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 07, 2011 5

    When scaling Agile to the enterprise new concerns arise that require revisiting the values and practices of Agile software development. One such concern relates to a common strategy to achieve reuse at the enterprise level - building software platforms. This article lists the top five challenges that an Agile organization should expect to face when deciding to adopt a software platform strategy.

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    A Discussion with Allard Buijze on CQRS with the Axon framework

    by Josh Long Follow 7 Followers on  Mar 24, 2010 9

    The Axon framework is a Java implementation of the Command and Query Responsibility Segregation. InfoQ talked with its creator, Allard Buijze, to find out more.


The Emergence of Virtual Service Oriented Grids

Posted by Jackson He Follow 0 Followers , Parviz Peiravi Follow 0 Followers , Enrique Castro-Leon Follow 0 Followers , Mark Chang Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 30, 2009

The confluence of three technologies, (virtualization, service orientation, and grid computing), is explored to create a foundation for re-examining both technical and business system design issues. 2