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  • Michael Feathers Wants Error Elimination to Be a Design Driver

    Michael Feathers finds errors fascinating, but acknowledges that most developers don't spend a lot of time focusing on them. He also thinks most error handling is kind of giving up. Although best known for his books about working with legacy code, Feathers used his keynote presentation at Explore DDD 2018 to discuss how eliminating errors can be a design driver for software systems.

  • Missing Backend Services for Mobile

    Jesper Richter-Reichhelm, Head of Engineering at Wooga, spoke at GOTO Amsterdam 2014 about unexpected difficulties to find commoditized back end services that suited Wooga's mobile games needs. Combining reasonable cost, integration with an existing tool chain and transparent access to data proved impossible more often than not, leading to in-house development of said services.

  • Visual Studio 2013 Simplifies Windows Store Apps Development with Improved Exception Reporting

    The recently released Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013 Preview editions includes improved reporting for exceptions that enables C++ Windows Store App developers to easily identify and fix errors.

  • Exceptional Ruby

    Developers enjoy writing code but few developers enjoy writing exception handling code and even fewer do it right. A new book titled Exceptional Ruby by Avdi Grimm attacks the subject and helps developers take the right approach to solid exception handling code.

  • Extended Rails Exception Monitoring with Exceptional and Hoptoad

    The Rails plugin ExceptionNotifier made Exception monitoring easy. Two companies (Exceptional and Hoptoad) extend this by providing a third party service that intercept exceptions and track them in a web interface. We talked to Eoghan McCabe from Exceptional and Matt Jankowski from Hoptoad.

  • Removing Checked Exceptions from Java

    Neal Gafter asked a question that many Java developers have asked themselves and each other: "would the language and platform be better off without checked exceptions?"

  • Article: Implementing Exceptions in SOA

    In an InfoQ article, Boris Lublinsky highlights the problems with exception handling in SOA, and suggests applying SOA principles to exception handling as a solution.