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AI, ML & Data Engineering Follow 1071 Followers Deep Learning for Image Understanding at Scale by Stacey Svetlichnaya Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jul 05, 2017 Stacey Svetlichnaya discusses strategies and challenges building deep learning systems for object recognition at scale, using automatic labels in Flickr image search as a case study.

Followers The Evolution of the Flickr Architecture by Mikhail Panchenko Follow 0 Followers Posted on Dec 09, 2010 Mikhail Panchenko discusses how Flickr’s code base developed over the years and the problems that started to appear because not everything was written as it should. He discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using various solutions for providing availability and scalability to a website with many users and page requests.

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Followers Flickr Chooses Sentinel for Highly Available Redis by Benjamin Darfler Follow 0 Followers Posted on Aug 13, 2014

Followers Article: Mark Baker on Hypermedia in RESTful Applications by Stefan Tilkov Follow 5 Followers Posted on Jan 28, 2008 11