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Java 9 and Beyond. Oracle's Brian Goetz and John Rose Glimpse into the Future by Ben Evans Posted on Jan 04, 2015 Oracle's Brian Goetz (Java Language Architect) and John Rose (JVM Architect) take us on a deep-dive discussion about some of the technologies and features being discussed for Java 9 and beyond. 1

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Felix Klock II on Rust: Concurrency, GCs, Type System by Felix Klock II Posted on Jan 30, 2014 Felix Klock II explains concepts of the Rust language: the concurrency model, the type system, allocation and ownership models, the macro system, its style of FP and OOP, and much more.

Don Syme Answering Questions on F#, C#, Haskell and Scala by Don Syme Posted on Mar 27, 2009 In this interview made by InfoQ’s Sadek Drobi, Don Syme, a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, answers questions mostly on F#, but also on functional programming, C# generics, type classes in Haskell, similarities between F# and Scala. 8

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