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A Journey of Mobile, Microservices, and Speed to Market at the World's Largest Home Improvement Retailer

Posted by Dustin Bennett  on  Jun 30, 2018 Posted by Dustin Bennett Follow 1 Followers , Jermaine Davis Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 30, 2018

Dustin Bennet and Jermaine Davis overview the mobile landscape at The Home Depot, where they are in the journey, and where they want to be, along with code examples in Go and React.

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Go Concurrency in the Real World

Posted by Vitor De Mario  on  Jan 30, 2018 Posted by Vitor De Mario Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 30, 2018

Vitor De Mario explores several idioms and patterns applied in real world software running Go, starting from the basic syntax all the way to complete concurrent programs.

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Go Programming Language

Posted by Dave Cheney  on  Jan 03, 2018 Posted by Dave Cheney Follow 6 Followers  on  Jan 03, 2018

Dave Cheney discusses the Go language: writing and interpreting benchmarks, using performance tools built into the Go runtime, GC and writing GC-friendly code.

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The Why of Go

Posted by Carmen Andoh  on  Dec 28, 2017 2 Posted by Carmen Andoh Follow 3 Followers  on  Dec 28, 2017 2

Carmen Andoh provides the historical context around the technical decisions of the Go language to better understand its concurrency primitives, garbage collection, and small standard library.

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This Will Cut You: Go's Sharper Edges

Posted by Thomas Shadwell  on  Jul 04, 2017 Posted by Thomas Shadwell Follow 1 Followers  on  Jul 04, 2017

Thomas Shadwell talks about how distinct, exploitable misuse patterns arise in software languages, and through examples in Go hopes to show the language's distinct security characteristics.

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Building a Bank with Go

Posted by Matt Heath  on  Apr 12, 2017 Posted by Matt Heath Follow 2 Followers  on  Apr 12, 2017

Matt Heath discusses why Go is suited for microservices, what makes it attractive to high volume, low latency, distributed apps, and how easy it is to adopt into existing systems and organisations.

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Looking inside a Race Detector

Posted by Kavya Joshi  on  Mar 10, 2017 Posted by Kavya Joshi Follow 5 Followers  on  Mar 10, 2017

Kavya Joshi discusses the internals of the Go race detector and delves into the compiler instrumentation of the program, and the runtime module that detects data races.

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Building APIs

Posted by Mat Ryer  on  Aug 25, 2016 Posted by Mat Ryer Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 25, 2016

Mat Ryer takes a look at the code used for a real API running on Google AppEngine, discussing best practices for delivering modern web services.

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Successful Go Program Design, 6 Years On

Posted by Peter Bourgon  on  Jul 13, 2016 Posted by Peter Bourgon Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 13, 2016

Peter Bourgon presents some of the idioms, design patterns, and practices that have proven themselves developing successful, scalable, and sustainable code using Go.

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Implementing Software Machines in Go and C

Posted by Eleanor McHugh  on  Jul 05, 2016 Posted by Eleanor McHugh Follow 1 Followers  on  Jul 05, 2016

Eleanor McHugh discusses writing virtual machines using hardware emulation, including code snippets in Go and C.

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Experiences Building InfluxDB in Go

Posted by Paul Dix  on  Feb 07, 2016 Posted by Paul Dix Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 07, 2016

Paul Dix shares his experience building InfluxDB, an open source distributed time series database, in Go.

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Beyond the Hype: 4 Years of Go in Production

Posted by Travis Reeder  on  Feb 07, 2016 Posted by Travis Reeder Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 07, 2016

Travis Reeder thinks performance, memory, concurrency, reliability, and deployment are key to exploring Go and its value in production. Travis describes how it’s worked for

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