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  • Embracing ADHD and Other Neurodivergencies in Software Development Teams

    In recent years, there has been increased attention to neurodivergencies such as ADHD, hyper-sensitivity, autism, dyslexia, etc. In this article, Dietrich Moerman tells his own story about ADHD while working as a software developer and becoming a team lead, what he learned, and what he found to be working well to help people with ADHD and more to thrive in their teams and companies.

  • How to Rebuild Tech Culture for Those Who Survived the Layoffs

    A wave of layoffs hit the software industry and changed the definition of tech culture. This article explores the situation across multiple tech companies, and the diverse choices made to support employees who survived, and those they had to say good-bye to. It provides suggestions for those of us who have stayed behind, and how to rebuild culture in our tech teams.

  • Agile Hiring: a Joint Venture between the Talent Acquisition and Product Development Teams

    The demand for IT professionals is far higher than the offer. Nowadays the challenge is not just to attract and acquire, but to retain the best professionals in the sector. Let's enable dev team members to acquire and secure the best candidates for their teams and the company, collaborate with talent acquisition, and respect candidates as professionals and maintain open communication with them.

  • Lessons Learned from Self-Selection Reteaming at Redgate

    Redgate Software runs a yearly deliberate reteaming process across engineering to alter how they invest the efforts of teams and encourage people to move towards the work they find most engaging. Self-selection reteaming is an effective and empowering method of aligning with company goals. It normalized the idea of people moving between teams for personal development and renewed sense of purpose.

  • Q&A on the Book Working with Coders

    The book Working with Coders is a practical guide to managing teams of software developers aimed at a non-technical audience. In the book, Patrick Gleeson explores how the software development process works and what managers can do to support it effectively and build solid working relationships with coders.

  • Tech Employee Job Satisfaction: What Can Data Tell Us?

    Overall job satisfaction levels at some of the world’s biggest tech companies have been charted by Payscale against various employee metrics, including early career pay rate, average workforce age and total years of industry experience. The results make for interesting reading – but do they say more about the tech industry itself, or the millennials flocking to work in it?

  • Q&A on the Book Agile Engagement

    In the book Agile Engagement, Santiago Jaramillo and Todd Richardson explore the reasons why employees can be disengaged and provide solutions for measuring and driving engagement in organizations. InfoQ interviewed them about the factors that influence the performance of teams and how to measure agile engagement to create an engaging workplace culture.

  • Designing Collaborative Spaces for Productivity

    The typical Agile team may work in a common "teamroom", but personal space is also needed. Teams find out fast enough that some of the creature comforts left behind in their former traditional spaces were there for good reasons. This article shares the collected wisdom of dozens of teams who created their own work spaces, as collected by several experienced Agile coaches.