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  • ScaleUp Addresses Many of IIS’ File Uploading Limitations

    LeanServer has created for IIS 7.0 an extension called ScaleUp, solving some of the problems related to file uploading and plaguing Microsoft’s web platform. According to its creators, ScaleUp increases upload speed, supports unlimited upload file sizes, scales up to thousands of uploads per server, and includes progress reporting, streaming and filtering.

  • Making IIS Web Sites More Responsive Using Warm-up

    IIS Application Warm-up for IIS 7.5 improves the responsiveness of a web site by loading all related web applications and their dependencies before the first request is made.

  • Silverlight 4 and IIS Media Services 3 Promise Superior Content Delivery

    Microsoft has announced the upcoming release of a new generation of IIS Media Services, v. 3.0, and it is going to hold an early preview of Silverlight 4 features during International Broadcasting Conference 2009 (IBC) on September 11-15th. Main features are: interactive, high-definition streaming of video content, native multicast and offline DRM support.

  • Rewrite Outbound URLs with IIS 7 and URL Rewrite Module 2.0

    The URL Rewrite Module was originally introduced to map incoming, user-friendly URLs to pages written with ASP.NET or PHP. With version 2, the other side is addressed. URLs automatically generated by applications can rewritten before they hit the user’s browser.

  • Iron Speed Designer 6.0 Has Been Improved

    Iron Speed Designer is a Web 2.0 application generator enabling developers to visually create web pages for .NET/IIS without needing to know HTML or ASPX. The latest version, 6.0, has an improved layout editor, new page types, new workflow page types and live page preview.

  • Presentation: Behind the Scenes at

    In this presentation filmed during QCon SF 2008, Dan Farino, Chief Systems Architect at MySpace, talked about administering thousands of web servers from a system’s architect viewpoint. He mostly detailed the performance counter monitoring used by MySpace, the system profiler and the system administration site demoing the tools for the audience to see how it works.

  • Interview: Dan Farino About MySpace’s Architecture

    In this interview taken by InfoQ’s Ryan Slobojan, Dan Farino, Chief Systems Architect at MySpace, talks about the system architecture and the challenges faced when building a very large online community. Because MySpace is built almost entirely on the .NET Framework, Dan explains how a .NET product scales on hundreds of servers.

  • IIS URL Rewriting vs ASP.NET Routing

    With the release and press around IIS7 URL Rewriting, many questions have been raised about the interplay between IIS Rewriting and ASP.NET Routing. How do the two features relate to each other and when should each be used?

  • In Case You Missed It: IIS7 URL-Rewrite is Live

    Microsoft has released its long overdue URL rewriter module for IIS 7 under a "Go Live" license. Generally speaking this means they feel the code base is stable enough for production use, but still not quite done in an official sense.

  • Presentation: Windows as a Web Platform

    Eric Nelson provides an architectural deep dive into the internals of IIS and the .NET Framework 3.5 with a goal of reducing the lines of code in web applications.

  • PowerShell for IIS

    The push for making Windows configurable from the command line continues with the IIS 7 PowerShell Provider.

  • Automatically Route Requests to Content Servers using IIS 7

    Microsoft is demonstrating a new routing module for IIS 7. This module automatically routes requests to content servers based on HTTP headers and server variables as well as load balancing concerns such as server health and affinity.

  • .NET Framework Versions: Marketing vs. Reality

    Since .NET Framework 3.0 Microsoft's versioning strategy confuses the community. Scott Hanselman explains the how and why of the drift between marketing and reality.

  • Breaking Changes for ASP.NET 2 and IIS 7

    Version 7 brings a major rewrite to Internet Information Server. The most important of these revolves around the new integrated mode, which allows .NET modules to be plugged into any stage of the IIS pipeline. However, when running ASP.NET in integrated mode reveals several breaking changes.

  • Microsoft Ups Their Support for PHP

    PHP is a cornerstone of LAMP development. In an attempt to lure PHP developers off Linux and MySQL, Microsoft is beginning to offer deep support for PHP in IIS 7 and SQL Server.