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Culture & Methods Follow 849 Followers Fear and (Self) Loathing in IT – A Healthy Discussion on Imposter Syndrome by Angela Dugan Follow 0 Followers Posted on Mar 31, 2018 Angela Dugan discusses the Imposter syndrome, how to recognize it in yourself and others and how to thrive with it.

Culture & Methods Follow 849 Followers The Impostor Syndrome by Gitte Klitgaard Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jun 29, 2016 Gitte Klitgaard discusses the Impostor Syndrome – “you don’t belong here”, “you are not as smart as people think” –, and how to overcome it. *Warning: contains strong language*

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Followers Scrum Masters with the Imposter Syndrome by Savita Pahuja Follow 3 Followers Posted on Jun 18, 2015