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Followers Enterprise IT: What's Beyond Virtualization by Derek Collison Follow 0 Followers Posted on Sep 14, 2014 Derek Collison discusses some of the technologies and approaches for building a self-healing infrastructure: Intelligent layer 7 SDN with semantic awareness, distributed scheduling algorithms, policy distribution and invalidation, health monitoring and management, self healing techniques, and the role of unsupervised deep machine learning and anomaly detection.

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Followers SaaS-ify Legacy Applications by Chen Ping Follow 0 Followers Posted on Sep 06, 2012 Legacy applications can be difficult to move to the cloud, yet you may want to include them in your IT-as-a-Service strategy. This article discusses an approach to wrapping legacy applications for delivery as Software-as-a-Service.

Followers Lessons For IT From The Early Days of the FBI by JP Morgenthal Follow 1 Followers Posted on Apr 04, 2012 J. Edgar Hoover is a controversial name in history, but his experiences building and running one of the key intelligence agencies in the world are very applicable to running IT organizations today. 2