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Presentation: The Ethics of Error Prevention

Posted by Michael Feathers  on  Mar 15, 2009 2 Posted by Michael Feathers Follow 3 Followers  on  Mar 15, 2009 2

We are charged with the task of writing software that is reliable, sturdy, and trustworthy. Michael Feathers examines error-prevention in the history of our discipline and considers possible futures.


Craftsmanship and Ethics

Posted by Robert Martin  on  Feb 12, 2009 10 Posted by Robert Martin Follow 8 Followers  on  Feb 12, 2009 10

In this talk Robert C. Martin outlines the practices used by software craftsmen to maintain their professional ethics.


Lessons Learned from Architecture Reviews

Posted by Rebecca Wirfs-Brock  on  Jul 29, 2008 3 Posted by Rebecca Wirfs-Brock Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 29, 2008 3

In this presentation, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock presents some practical lessons she has learned from doing architectural reviews.


Operational Scalability in the Next Generation Web World

Posted by Wayne Fenton  on  Jul 24, 2008 5 Posted by Wayne Fenton Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 24, 2008 5

Wayne Fenton, Director of Architecture at eBay Inc., talks about the ways in which software architects can design systems for much-improved efficiency and reliability from an operational perspective.


Managing Variability in Product-Lines

Posted by Markus Völter  on  Jun 25, 2008 Posted by Markus Völter Follow 1 Followers  on  Jun 25, 2008

In this talk, Markus Völter illustrates how model-driven and aspect oriented software development help addressing the challenge of managing variability in product line engineering.


Mingle: Building a Rails-Based Product

Posted by Neal Ford  on  Jun 06, 2008 Posted by Neal Ford Follow 2 Followers  on  Jun 06, 2008

Neal Ford talks about Mingle, Thoughtworks Studios' project management software. Besides Mingle's features, Neal also talks about the experience of building Mingle on JRuby.


Painless Persistence with Castle ActiveRecord

Posted by Oren Eini  on  May 30, 2008 Posted by Oren Eini Follow 0 Followers , Hamilton Verissimo Follow 0 Followers  on  May 30, 2008

This presentation by Hamilton Verissimo and Oren Eini introduces Castle Active Record - an ORM solution for .NET building on NHibernate.


Erlang - software for a concurrent world

Posted by Joe Armstrong  on  May 27, 2008 13 Posted by Joe Armstrong Follow 3 Followers  on  May 27, 2008 13

How do you program a multicore computer? Easy - do it in Erlang. Joe introduces Erlang, the ideas of Concurrent Oriented Programming and commercial applications written in Erlang.


Intentional Software - Democratizing Software Creation

Posted by Charles Simonyi  on  May 15, 2008 3 Posted by Charles Simonyi Follow 0 Followers , Henk Kolk Follow 0 Followers  on  May 15, 2008 3

Business users doing programming? Simonyi and Kolk presents how Intentional Software offers a radical new software approach that separates business knowledge from software engineering knowledge.


Domain-Driven Design and Domain Specific Languages

Posted by Eric Evans  on  Apr 09, 2008 5 Posted by Eric Evans Follow 17 Followers  on  Apr 09, 2008 5

In DDD, the "ubiquitous language" is central, but it's richness and fluency is hard to render with only OO. Eric Evans shows how DDD and DSLs works together in complex business applications.


The Power of Javascript

Posted by Glenn Vanderburg  on  Mar 29, 2008 3 Posted by Glenn Vanderburg Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 29, 2008 3

Glenn Vanderburg makes the case for Javascript, a language long overlooked. This presentation from JAOO 2007 shows the powerful language features of Javascript, and the many places it's used.


Scala: Bringing Future Languages to the JVM

Posted by Lex Spoon  on  Mar 21, 2008 10 Posted by Lex Spoon Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 21, 2008 10

In this presentation, Lex Spoon discusses the Scala programming language. Topics covered include the origin of Scala, the philosophy behind Scala, the Scala feature set, Scala examples and DSLs.

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