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Project Visage to Continue Work on JavaFX Script Without Oracle

by Charles Humble on  Oct 11, 2010

Oracle's decision to cease work on JavaFX Script, announced at JavaOne, was a disappointment to some in the community. Using the open source JavaFX Script compiler as a starting point, Project Visage is looking to continue to develop the DSL as an open-source project.

JavaFX 1.3 Released With Performance And Functional Improvements, TV App Support And UI Composer

by Gilad Manor on  May 14, 2010

Last month Sun has announced the release of the JavaFX 1.3 version delivering performance and functional improvements, including: new UI controls, CSS skinning, and programmatic layout, extended production suite, TV application support, mobile emulator on the Mac platform and UI composer plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.9 Beta .

First Steps for Apache Pivot, Java-based RIA Framework

by Gilad Manor on  Mar 24, 2010 3

Apache Pivot is an open source project, which attempts to create a modern, rich client development platform in Java. Pivot started off as an R&D effort at VMWare in 2007 and was released as an open-source project in June 2008 under the Apache 2.0 license. Pivot then joined the Apache Incubator in January 2009 and graduated as a top-level Apache project in December 2009.

Sun Releases Early Access Version of RAD Tool for JavaFX

by Charles Humble on  Jan 06, 2010 3

Sun has released an early preview of one of the two RAD tools it is building for JavaFX through the NetBeans update centre. JavaFX is also seeing some more high profile early adopters including the 2010 Winter Olympics website.

JavaOne: JavaFX Gets Oracle's Backing as Sun Releases Update, and Demos Authoring Tool and TV App

by Charles Humble on  Jun 04, 2009

As Oracle CEO Larry Ellison publicly backs JavaFX, Sun launches JavaFX 1.2 with a new charting API, beta support for Linux and Solaris, and a number of significant language changes to JavaFX Script. Sun has also given a public demonstration of its JavaFX authoring tool and JavaFX TV at JavaOne, and the Eclipse plug-in is receiving some attention.

Sun Launches JavaFX Mobile

by Charles Humble on  Feb 12, 2009 8

Sun Microsystems has launched JavaFX mobile today just in time for the mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain next week.

Stephen Chin on WidgetFX and JFXtras

by Charles Humble on  Jan 20, 2009

Stephen Chin is the lead developer of two open source JavaFX projects: WidgetFX, a desktop widget platform, and JFXtras, a set of add-ons and utilities for developers working with JavaFX Script. He is also co-authoring the forthcoming Pro JavaFX book with Jim Weaver and Weiqi Gao. In this interview he tells us more about these projects and his thoughts on JavaFX.

JavaFX and Adobe Flex Insider Shares Thoughts

by Jon Rose on  Nov 19, 2008 5

Chet Haase of Adobe Systems, who previously worked at Sun on the JavaFX team, shared his comparisons of JavaFX and Adobe Flex on the Yahoo FlexCoder group.

Article: Java FX Technology Preview

by Charles Humble on  Nov 11, 2008 10

InfoQ takes a look at the JavaFX preview release and talks to Sun Staff Engineer Joshua Marinacci about version 1 expected this autumn.

Java SE 6 Update 10 is out but what does it deliver?

by Dio Synodinos on  Oct 25, 2008 3

After being in beta for about a year and having more than 1 million downloads, the Java SE 6 Update 10 (6u10) , dubbed the “Consumer JRE” has been released. With this release which is primarily focused on the Java Plug-In, Sun is trying to deliver on its promise for an enhanced rich client user experience and paves the way for the upcoming JavaFX Desktop 1.0.

Article: Java FX Technology Preview

by Charles Humble on  Oct 11, 2008 10

InfoQ takes a look at the JavaFX preview release and talks to Sun Staff Engineer Joshua Marinacci about version 1 expected this autumn.

WidgetFX: A Desktop Widget Platform Written in JavaFX

by Dio Synodinos on  Sep 23, 2008 1

WidgetFX is an open-source desktop widget platform written in the JavaFX Script language. It takes advantage of the latest features in the Java Consumer JRE and runs on all major platforms including Windows XP/Vista, Linux, and Mac OS X.

From Concept to Reality: JavaFX SDK Preview Released

by Scott Delap on  Jul 31, 2008 4

Fifteen months after it was first announced, Sun has released the first public preview of JavaFX for Windows and Mac OS X.

Consumer JRE: Applets Meet Java Web Start

by R.J. Lorimer on  Jun 29, 2008 7

The upcoming Consumer JRE brings Java Web Start technology to applets, allowing for more control and functionality for applet-based applications.

The Sun Deflextions Continue

by Jon Rose on  May 13, 2008 6

In what is becoming an ever more popular move for those working on Java client technologies, Hans Muller, the now former CTO for Sun's Desktop division, made the move from Sun Microsystems to Adobe’s Flex team this week.