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  • John Crupi on Enterprise SOA

    At the time of this recording John Crupi ran Sun's Enterprise Web Services Practice. John shares his insights on what SOA means to the Enterprise, SOA analysis and design vs. OO, effective service composition, governance, and more.

    John Crupi on Enterprise SOA
  • Rob Harrop and Juergen Hoeller on Spring 2

    Spring core developers Rob Harrob and Juergen Hoeller talk about what, why, and how of the new features in Spring 2, including XML configuration, custom tags, AspectJ integration, and migrationg to Spring 2. The interview also discusses how to use Spring on large scale projects, common pitfalls with using Spring, and Spring MVC vs. other frameworks. Recorded at the Javapolis conference.

    Rob Harrop and Juergen Hoeller on Spring 2

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