InvokeDynamic Updates in OpenJDK

by Charles Humble on  Jan 12, 2011

The OpenJDK builds recently started to include an updated version of the JSR 292 API, which, whilst not yet final, gives a good indication as to how the JSR is shaping up.

Apache Software Foundation Resigns from JCP

by Alex Blewitt on  Dec 10, 2010 44

The Apache Software Foundation announced their resignation from both the JCP Executive Committee as well as the JCP as a whole. They follow recent departures such as Doug Lea in October, who said “I believe that the JCP is no longer a credible specification and standards body”, as well as more recently Tim Peierls, who voted against the Java SE JSRs.

JSRs for Java 7 and Java 8 Approved

by Alex Blewitt on  Dec 07, 2010 6

The results of the recent Java JSRs are in, and all have passed with all but Apache voting consistently against them. Google and Tim Peierls voted against the Java SE 7 and Java SE 8 JSRs, supporting the ongoing licensing issues and field-of-use restrictions for the TCK.

Oracle Announces JSRs for Java 7 and Java 8

by Alex Blewitt on  Nov 17, 2010 8

Oracle has announced the umbrella JSRs for Java 7/8, covering a number of the features known from the earlier Plan B. This includes Project Coin for Java 7 and Project Lambda for Java 8, as well as specific reference to OSGi for the Java 8 modularity JSR. But it also includes fields of use restrictions for the JSR TCK. Read on to find out what's included.

Apache Threatens to Leave JCP

by Alex Blewitt on  Nov 10, 2010 11

In an unprecedented move, the Apache Software Foundation has announced its intention to terminate its relationship with the JCP if the rights as implementers of Java specifications are not upheld. If that's the case, they argue, then the JCP specifications are nothing more than proprietary documentation. What does this mean for the future of Java and the JCP?

JCP Election Results for the New Executive Committee Members Announced: Hologic not Ratified

by Charles Humble on  Nov 03, 2010 1

The results have been announced from the unusually controversial JCP Executive Committee election, with Hologic failing to be ratified. The JCP Project Management Office will now need to choose a new candidate to replace concurrency expert Doug Lea.

IBM Joins OpenJDK

by Alex Blewitt Charles Humble on  Oct 11, 2010 12

Oracle and IBM have today jointly announced that IBM will collaborate in the OpenJDK community to develop the Java platform, starting with the recently revised JDK 7.

JSRs: What Lies Beneath

by Alex Blewitt on  Sep 24, 2010

Following on from the confirmation of Plan B, with the delay to a number of JSRs and eviction of both the Lambda project as well as collection literals from Project Coin, it's interesting to take a step back and see how a change makes it into the Java environment. It's not as simple as you think.

Oracle Confirms Plan B for the JDK

by Alex Blewitt on  Sep 21, 2010 13

Plan B was announced at JavaOne, which confirms that lambdas, modularity and the Swing application framework will not be part of JDK7; nor are any promises made about availability in JDK8.

JDK7 Feature Slip

by Alex Blewitt on  Sep 10, 2010 12

In a post entitled Re-thinking JDK7, Mark Reinhold put forward a suggestion that certain previously planned elements of JDK7 be suspended until JDK8 in order to get the release out of the door sooner rather than later. What does the community think of this suggestion? Read on to find out.

Arquillian, Shrinkwrap and Seam 3: Q&A with Pete Muir, Principal Engineer at Red Hat

by Mario Gray on  Aug 23, 2010

InfoQ talks to Pete Muir about JBoss' Integration testing tool Arquillian, archive assembly of JARs, WARs, and EARs with ShrinkWrap, and plans for Seam 3.

Adobe Acquires Java ECM Vendor Day Software

by Tim Cull on  Aug 09, 2010

Last week Adobe Systems announced it was purchasing Day Software for $240 million. The deal combines Day’s JSR-170/238 based content management and digital asset management products with Adobe’s Flex, Flash and AIR in a move to corner the web content market. In addition to being a lead company for the JSR-170/238 specifications, Day also contributes to Apache Jackrabbit and Sling.

NetBeans 6.9 Release Supports JavaFX, Java EE6 and OSGi

by Josh Long on  Jul 12, 2010

Oracle has released version 6.9 of its popular open-source Java IDE, NetBeans. This is the first release under its stewardship since it accquired Sun Microsystems.

A Discussion with Josh Bloch on the Future of Java

by Josh Long on  Apr 29, 2010 10

Effective Java author and chief Java evangelist at Google Josh Bloch gave a talk at the recent web-based Red Hat Middleware 2020 conference. The thrust of the talk was guarded optimism and concern about the future of the Java platform under Oracle's stewardship. InfoQ spoke to him to find out more about his thinking.

JSR 310 Date and Time API for Java

by Alex Blewitt Charles Humble on  Mar 17, 2010 12

Stephen Colebourne, lead of the JSR 310 Date and Time API, has recently published an Early Draft Review of the proposed additions and changes to the Java language. InfoQ caught up with Stephen at QCon London to find out more about the project.