Engine Yard Introduces Commercial JRuby Support

by Mirko Stocker Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 04, 2010

Engine Yard, the employer of most of JRuby's core team, started offering commercial support for JRuby this week.


JRuby Roundup: JRuby-Prof Allows Fast Profiling, JRuby::Synchronized for Automatic Synchronization

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Mar 24, 2010 1

JRuby-Prof is a new, low overhead profiler for JRuby which, unlike plain Java profilers, will generate clear, Ruby-specific reports. A new feature in JRuby is JRuby::Synchronized, a module that, when extended, will make all methods of a class synchronized.


First Rails 3 Beta Released

by Mirko Stocker Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 18, 2010

The first beta of Rails 3 is available. Rails 3 is a major rewrite of the codebase bringing with it stable APIs and design decisions inspired by Merb, cleaner internals, performance improvements and much more. InfoQ takes a look at the changes in Rails 3, and on which Ruby implementations it runs.


Ruby in Steel 1.5 Released, Drops IronRuby Support

by Mirko Stocker Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 08, 2010 1

SapphireSteel Software, the developers of the Visual Studio based Ruby in Steel IDE have just released version 1.5. Among many improvements, they also dropped support for IronRuby.


Maven and JRuby Roundup: Maven_gem Brings Maven Libs to RubyGems, GemCutter Inspires JavaGems

by Mirko Stocker Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 18, 2009 1

JRuby's Charles Nutter is making Maven artifacts installable as RubyGems. An alternative to using Maven is JavaGems, built on RubyGems, Bundler and Gemcutter to make it easier to install libraries for Scala, Clojure and other JVM languages. Also, JRuby gets the ability to generate real Java classes.


JRuby's New IR Paves the Way for Future Performance Improvements

by Mirko Stocker Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 24, 2009

A new intermediate representation (IR) for JRuby code enables many optimizations and could bring the next performance boost. InfoQ talked to Subbu Sastry who works on the IR.


Duby and Surinx, an Interview With Charles Nutter

by Mirko Stocker Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 15, 2009 4

Charles Nutter talks about his two new languages for the JVM: Duby and its dynamic cousin Surinx.


JRuby Roundup: JRuby 1.4 Final Released, New Windows Native Launcher, HPricot 0.8.2

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Nov 06, 2009

The final release of JRuby 1.4 is now available, with many performance, Java integration and other improvements. It also adds a native launcher for Windows, which works around some problems with the BAT-based launcher. Also: the Hpricot 0.8.2 release fixes problems with Hpricot on JRuby.


NewRelic RPM 2 Adds Java Support for Performance Monitoring

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Oct 19, 2009 1

NewRelic just released RPM 2, the latest version of their performance monitoring software. RPM, which is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) now supports monitoring Java web/JEE applications as well as Ruby on Rails applications. We talked to NewRelic's Lew Cirne about the new release.


JRuby 1.4RC1 Released, Adds Windows Installer, 1.8.7 Support, New Embedding API

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Oct 11, 2009

JRuby 1.4RC1 is out and brings 1.8.7 compatibility, improved Java integration, a Windows installer, a new YAML parser as well as a new embedding API.


JRuby Roundup: 1.4 Features, JRubyConf Schedule, MLVM

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Sep 29, 2009

JRuby 1.4 is coming up with 1.8.7 support and improved Java integration. First builds that bundle JRuby and MLVM are available. Also: JRubyConf's program has been announced - and some more seats are available.


JRuby Roundup: Ruby 1.8.7 Support, Android Support, Bcrypt-ruby

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Aug 13, 2009 2

The JRuby team has added Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility to the current JRuby trunk. Android received some more attention with JRuby support for the Android Scripting Environment as well as a JRuby irb app. Also: the bcrypt-ruby library for hashing passwords is now available for JRuby, as well as Ruby 1.9.


JRuby Roundup: JRuby Team Joins EngineYard, YAML Support, OSGi, Installer

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Jul 28, 2009 2

Sun's JRuby team, Charles Nutter, Tom Enebo, Nick Sieger, will leave Sun and join EngineYard, where they'll continue work on JRuby. YAML support was improved with Ola Bini's work on a new YAML parser. Also: a look at how to run JRuby under OSGi and the upcoming JRuby Installer.


Ruby VM Roundup: Ruby 1.9.2 Preview 1, Ruby Versions Site

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Jul 20, 2009

Ruby 1.9.2 Preview 1 is now available and brings API improvements such as Method#parameters, GC optimization for long lived objects, and more. Also: to keep up to speed with Ruby implementations, David A. Black announced which provides a long list of MRI versions as well as JRuby, Rubinius and REE installations.


Presentation: Three Years of Real-World Ruby

by Werner Schuster Follow 6 Followers on  Jul 14, 2009 12

Martin Fowler talks about ThoughtWorks's experience with using Ruby on client projects for the past three years, and the creation of a Ruby-based product 'Mingle'.

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