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Kata – Habits for Lean learning by Håkan Forss Posted on Sep 06, 2016 Håkan Forss introduces Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata, as well as two core habits for transforming a Lean learning organization to improve a business.

Running an In-house Code Kata Programme - Mistakes and Successes by Geoff Bones, Luke Drury Posted on Feb 01, 2015 Geoff Bones, Luke Drury share the lessons learned setting up code kata programs in several companies, what has worked and hasn't.

Sharpening the Tools by Dan North Posted on Sep 28, 2010 Dan North advices programmers on how to advance from beginner to expert: practice the basics, learn from others, understand trends, share knowledge, maintain the toolbox, learn how to learn, and start all over again. 2

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Pragmatic Dave on Passion, Skill and 'Having A Blast' by Dave Thomas Posted on Jan 24, 2008 At QconLondon 2007 Jim Coplien spoke with "Pragmatic" Dave Thomas for InfoQ. This energetic 30-minute interview runs the gamut of Dave's wide-ranging interests: 'agile' publishing; how to turn what you love doing into a book; programming (and methodology) monocultures; staying limber with code "katas"; and advice for academics: help your students live with the passion of a 5-year old! 3

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