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LDB: 10x Performance Increase after Rewriting Linked-in C Module in Pure Erlang

Posted by Daniel Pezely  on  Sep 05, 2015 Posted by Daniel Pezely Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 05, 2015

Daniel Pezely discusses the 10 fold performance increase of a Lisp and C system after rewriting it in Erlang, outlining where issues existed before and the design and implementation of the new system.


Write Your Lisp in Scala

Posted by Stefan Chis  on  May 24, 2014 Posted by Stefan Chis Follow 0 Followers  on  May 24, 2014

Stefan Chis demos building a Lisp dialect in Scala, covering: parsing code, defining data types and functions, evaluating expressions, implementing higher order functions.


Clever, Classless and Free

Posted by Håkan Råberg  on  Jan 25, 2013 Posted by Håkan Råberg Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 25, 2013

Håkan Råberg introduces – an extension adding Lambdas to Java 5 – and shen.clj - used to compile Shen, a LISP variant, to Clojure.


The Racket Way

Posted by Matthew Flatt  on  Oct 26, 2012 Posted by Matthew Flatt Follow 1 Followers  on  Oct 26, 2012

Matthew Flatt explains the Racket – a Lisp dialect – way through examples: everything is a program, concepts are language constructs, the language is extensible, and everything composes.


Panel: The Future of Programming Languages

Posted by Guy Steele  on  Nov 24, 2010 8 Posted by Guy Steele Follow 1 Followers , Douglas Crockford Follow 0 Followers , Josh Bloch Follow 0 Followers , Alex Payne Follow 0 Followers , Bruce Tate Follow 0 Followers , Ted Neward Follow 3 Followers  on  Nov 24, 2010 8

Guy Steele, Douglas Crockford, Josh Bloch, Alex Payne, Bruce Tate, and Ted Neward (moderator) hold a discussion on the future of programming taking questions from the audience.


Functional Languages 101: What’s All the Fuss About?

Posted by Rebecca Parsons  on  Oct 11, 2010 15 Posted by Rebecca Parsons Follow 2 Followers  on  Oct 11, 2010 15

Rebecca Parsons makes an basic introduction to functional languages, explaining how to think in a functional language, why is there renewed interested in them, and some nifty things about them.


The Evolution of Lisp

Posted by Guy Steele  on  Apr 03, 2009 1 Posted by Guy Steele Follow 1 Followers , Richard Gabriel Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 03, 2009 1

Guy L. Steele Jr. and Richard P. Gabriel reenact their presentation called “The Evolution of Lisp” which took place during ACM History of Languages Conference in 1993.



Posted by Reginald Braihwaite  on  Dec 04, 2008 4 Posted by Reginald Braihwaite Follow 0 Followers  on  Dec 04, 2008 4

In this RubyFringe talk, Reginald Braithwaite writes Ruby code to read, write, and rewrite Ruby. Demos include extending Ruby with conditional expressions, call-by-name and more.



Posted by Rich Hickey  on  Nov 20, 2008 3 Posted by Rich Hickey Follow 49 Followers  on  Nov 20, 2008 3

Rich Hickey discusses Clojure features and syntax, example code, functional programming, concurrency semantics, transactions, software transactional memory, agents, implementation and pain points.


How The JVM Spec Came To Be

Posted by James Gosling  on  Oct 29, 2008 5 Posted by James Gosling Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 29, 2008 5

James Gosling discusses Java's creation, how users use a product in very unusual ways, Java as a compromise between C and scripting languages, the Java object model, primitives and optimization tricks

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