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  • Terracotta improves failover support, adds clustering for 5 more frameworks

    JVM heap-level clustering solution Terracotta released v2.3 yesterday, adding TCP/IP-based active/passive failover, cluster-membership events, and a new pre-configured module system for quick clustering Tomcat, Weblogic, Spring, Lucene, RIFE, Struts 1, Cglib, and iBatis. Jetty has been working on clustering Ajax cometd apps. RIFE's Geert Bevin is also now working for Terracotta.

  • InfoQ Article: Compass Introduction, Compass 1.1 M3 now available

    InfoQ has released an article describing how to get started with the Compass search integration API. The Compass Project has also released version 1.1 M3 with major features including support for polymorphic relationships and better cyclic mappings support.

  • Clustering Lucene with TerraCotta

    Engineers at TerraCotta have detailed a new way to cluster Lucene, the popular text search library from Apache. Their method involves implementing the Lucene RAMDirectory interface and using TerraCotta DSO to share the RAMDirectory across JVMs.

  • Compass: Simplifying and Extending Lucene to Provide Google-like Search

    The Compass project recently released the second milestone of the 1.1 cycle. Compass is a open source Java Search Engine Framework, enabling the power of search engine semantics to your application stack decoratively. Compass leverages the popular Lucene indexing engine and integrates with popular development frameworks like Hibernate and Spring.


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