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InfoQ eMag: Team Collaboration


Download the Team Collaboration eMag which brings together a selection from the deep content that InfoQ has on the topic to provide a snapshot of what is available as well as to provide a stand-alone resource which will be of value to everyone looking to maximise productivity and collaboration in all sorts of teams, irrespective of their role in the organization.

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Contents of the Team Collaboration eMag include:

  • Collaborative Leadership and Collaborative Management In this article, we propose a leadership and management framework that fits well with the current need for innovation and distributed decision-making.
  • Agile Teamwork: The Leadership - Self-management Dilemma Self-managed teams are unstable and are successful when the ‘Leadership – Self-Management’ dilemma is understood and dealt with.
  • Designing Collaborative Spaces for Productivity This article shares the collected wisdom of dozens of teams who created their own work spaces, as collected by several experienced Agile coaches.
  • IBM's Elizabeth Woodward on Distributed Team Collaboration In this interview, Elizabeth Woodward talks about overcoming the collaboration problems that arise in distributed team development. She also discusses using Scrum in distributed teams.
  • Jean Tabaka About Team Collaboration and RAPID Management Jean Tabaka talks about team collaboration as a key ingredient of the Agile development, but she also mentions RAPID management as a solution for the product owners in an Agile environment.
  • Linda Rising: Prejudices Can Alter Team Work Linda Rising shows how prejudices can affect the relationships between team members.

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