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The InfoQ eMag: Edge Cloud


“Edge” isn’t a new thing to most technologists. However, if you think it just relates to Internet-of-Things (IoT), it’s time to take a fresh look. Whether you’re at a startup to established enterprise, edge computing has become more relevant. Why? You’re generating data in more places: SaaS systems, public clouds, remote devices, on-premises, and partner data centers. You’re also creating systems that execute logic on mobile phones or vehicles, then at the CDN, and finally in your application. These distributed systems solve one set of problems, and can create another set of problems. At InfoQ, we sought to learn more from the people building and evaluating these edge-powered systems.

This series of articles touches on many of the key aspects of designing and delivering a solution that uses edge computing. We hope you enjoy it, and that it sparks new ideas and debates with your colleagues.

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The InfoQ eMag - Edge Cloud include:

  • Is Edge Computing a Thing? - Edge Computing is definitely a thing, but the computing need not occur at the edge.  Instead what is needed is an ability to compute (anywhere) on streaming data from large numbers of dynamically changing devices, in the edge environment.  This in turn demands an architectural pattern for stateful, distributed computing.
  • Deploying Edge Cloud Solutions without Sacrificing Security - Security challenges exist with edge cloud solutions. Some are technical, and some relate to the way in which these services are used. This article looks at the why, what, and how of edge security.
  • The Modern Edge - This article shares stories of how interesting companies are using edge computing in ways you might not expect to solve real problems and help build a better Internet.
  • Edge Computing and Flow Evolution - Edge computing echoes science from the field of complex adaptive systems that explains scaling patterns. Understand this science to make better decisions about what to run "on the edge."
  • State at the Edge: an Interview with Peter Bourgon - Building upon topics in his talk at QCon London, Peter Bourgon answers questions about edge computing, distributed data, and the complexity of synchronization.

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