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InfoQ eMag: Agile Project Management


Project management is a crucial and often maligned discipline. In the software world, project management is mainly about coordinating the efforts of many people to achieve common goals. It has been likened to herding cats – a thankless undertaking that seems to engender little or no respect from the teams who are being managed.

Project management is about trying to predict the unpredictable, making promises about an uncertain future, and having the skills and knowledge to know when and how to adapt plans to the evolving reality that is the complex world of software engineering.

This eMag looks at project management in agile projects, challenging the myth of “we don’t need project management in agile projects.”

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Contents of the Agile Project Management eMag include: 

  • Why the Agile Project Manager is the Secret Sauce for Development Projects - The Agile project manager is sometimes referred to as the “secret sauce” for software development projects? Leo Abdala describes a recent development project at a Fortune 50 company where the Agile PM instilled confidence with and produced a value-generating product for the client.
  • The Role of Project Managers in Agile - This article first explains the role of project manager in general in any industry and then tries to map it with the role of coach/facilitator in Agile.
  • The Integration of Agile and the Project Management Office - Agile and the Project Management Office (PMO) are no longer considered diametrically opposed phenomena. With an ever-changing business landscape, organizations are required to adopt more nimble approaches. In many cases, Agile is more suitable within the PMO than people think.
  • Q&A with Robert Pankowecki on his book Developers Oriented Project Management - Self-organized teams manage their work, the processes that they use and the way that they work together as a team and with their stakeholders. Robert Pankowecki is writing a book on Developers Oriented Project Management which aims to help programmers, product owners, project managers and agile company owners to improve their project management practices and move towards more flat organizations.
  • Risk Management Is Project Management for Grown-Ups - Tim Lister presents the advantages—and the dangers—of practicing risk management in an adult-like fashion, offering a process for tailoring an organization and discussing how an organization can grow up.
  • Solving the Gordian Knot of Chronic Overcommittment in Development Organizations - Why do we promise more than we can deliver? Why do we say yes when we are already too busy? Chronic Overcommitment is a pervasive problem in the IT industry. In this article we take a look at the behaviors that drive over commitment and the dynamics at play in your organization the make it a difficult problem to solve. Finally, we offer some advice to those who suffer from this affliction.
  • Management in an Agile World - Tony Willoughby discusses project manager’s role in an agile team focusing on resourcing, cost control, high-level scope management, risk management and wider communication with business stakeholders.

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