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InfoQ eMag: Continuous Delivery Stories


Continuous Delivery encompasses a set of strong practices to be successful and bring value to the organization implementing it, be it through reduced cycle time, more robust products, more visibility on current status, etc. But since continuous delivery can and should affect practices across the entire software lifecycle that means collaboration between different teams (Dev, QA, Ops, etc) is mandatory.

In short: reaping the benefits of continuous delivery is hard work! Culture, processes or technical barriers can challenge or even break such endeavors.

With this eMag we wanted to share stories from leading practitioners who’ve been there and report from the trenches. Their examples are both inspiring and eye opening to the challenges ahead.

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Contents of the Continuous Delivery Stories eMag include:

  • Adopting Continuous Delivery - Jez Humble addresses the most important factors in implementing continuous delivery: organizational, architectural and process.
  • Delivering Continuous Delivery Continuously - Simon Hildrew discusses the tools and processes used by The Guardian to create a continuous delivery pipeline.
  • Rachel Laycock on Continuous Delivery - Rachel Laycock explains her experience with bringing Continuous Delivery to companies, the main technical and social obstacles, and much more.
  • Dave Farley on Continuous Delivery - Dave Farley discusses the reasons for Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment, the advantages and challenges they pose, and much more.

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