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The InfoQ eMag: Scaling DevOps


As the DevOps movement grew and permeated enterprises around the world, looking for faster and more reliable delivery, scaling became the “holy grail” of DevOps (as with Agile).

“We’ve done a pilot, we’ve seen a couple of teams grow autonomous and high-performant, we’ve seen the benefits of responding quickly to business and customer needs. Now we just need to scale this to all our teams.”

Alas, DevOps is not a framework or a method that we can copy and paste. It is a movement focused on changing culture because it makes business sense (as widely reported in the yearly State of DevOps Report). But culture is context. And the larger the organization, the more co-existing cultures there are, each with its own challenges.

This eMag collects articles that explore how to go about scaling DevOps in large organizations – effectively identifying cultural challenges that were blocking faster and safer delivery – and the lessons learned along the way. We include a couple of practices that can help disseminate those lessons.

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The Scaling DevOps eMag include:

  • Respect Your Organisational Monoliths - There is a lot of information about DevOps, the technology, the culture, the behaviour. There is not a lot of information about tackling DevOps in large enterprises and there is certainly very little about tackling DevOps in large financial organisations. This article presents lessons learnt rolling out DevOps in a large insurance organisation.
  • DevOps Lessons Learned at Microsoft Engineering -  Thiago Almeida from Microsoft shares how adopting DevOps practices resulted in better engineering and happier teams, and the lessons learned in that journey.
  • Q&A on Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise - The book Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise by Gary Gruver provides a DevOps based approach for continuously improving development and delivery processes in large organizations. It contains suggestions that can be used to optimize the deployment pipeline, release code frequently, and deliver to customers.
  • DevOps & Product Teams - Win or Fail? - Peter Neumark found a new world when he moved from a DevOps infrastructure team to a Lean product team.How to experiment frequently while keeping operational performance? Platform teams to the rescue!
  • Internal Tech Conferences - How and Why - Software engineering today is every bit as much about the people as it is about technology - empowered teams don’t appear overnight. We need to oil the wheels of collaboration so they roll smoothly. Here, Matthew Skelton and Victoria Morgan-Smith discuss how to use internal conferences to boost your organisation’s social capital, the currency by which relationships flourish and businesses thrive.
  • Communities of Practice: The Missing Piece of Your Agile Organisation - Communities of practice bring together people who share areas of interest or concerns. They have specific applications in agile organisations: scaling agile development and allowing individuals to connect with others who share similar concerns. Communities of practice bring people together to regain the benefits of regular contact while keeping the value of multidisciplinary agile teams.

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