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The Morning Paper Issue 4 - Computer Science Applied


In this issue of The Morning Paper Quarterly Review Adrian Colyer looks at how simple testing can avoid catastrophic failures, symbolic reasoning vs. neural networks, how to infer a smartphone password via WiFi signals, how and why Facebook does load testing in production, and automated SLOs in enterprise clusters. 

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The Morning Paper Issue 4 - Computer Science Applied eMag include:

  • Simple testing can prevent most critical failures
  • Towards deep symbolic reinforcement learning
  • When CSI meets public wifi: inferring your mobile phone password via wifi signals
  • Kraken: Leveraging live traffic tests to identify and resolve resource utilisation bottlenecks in large scale web services
  • Morpheus: towards automated SLOs for enterprise clusters is facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in enterprise software development. InfoQ content is currently published in English, Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese. With a readership base of over 1,000,000 unique visitors per month reading content from 100 locally-based editors across the globe, we continue to build localized communities.