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The Morning Paper Issue 5 - Computer Science Applied


Welcome to the latest edition of The Morning Paper quarterly review. There are five posts chosen for you that appeared on Adrian Colyer's blog in the first quarter of 2017. This time around, they actually represent more than five papers though, as one of these posts is itself a collection of shorter summaries of a number of papers on a theme. 

If you enjoy the eMag Colyer writes up a new computer science paper every weekday and publishes it on The Morning Paper blog. If you prefer to have the day's paper delivered straight to your inbox, there's an option to subscribe to a mailing list as well. On the blog, you'll find a mix of past papers and current research results.  Over the course of a year, subscribers to the blog will be exposed to just over 200 papers and ideas on average. 

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The Morning Paper Issue 5 - Computer Science Applied eMag include:

  • Toward sustainable insights, or why polygamy is bad for you
  • When DNNs go wrong - adversarial examples and what we can learn from them
  • Thou shalt not depend on me: analysing the use of outdated JavaScript libraries on the web
  • Redundancy does not imply fault tolerance: analysis of distributed storage reactions to single errors and corruptions
  • The curious case of the PDF converter that likes Mozart: dissecting and mitigating the privacy risk of personal cloud apps is facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in enterprise software development. InfoQ content is currently published in English, Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese. With a readership base of over 1,400,000 unique visitors per month reading content from 100 locally-based editors across the globe, we continue to build localized communities.