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Enterprise SOA Adoption Strategies


Major changes in technology have not been driven by the technologies themselves but by the change in thinking that they enabled.  OO design changed software by changing thoughts away from procedures and onto real world "things".  This book argues that for SOA to succeed we must move our thoughts away from the implementation technologies and towards the "what" of the business.  Using a straight-forward, pictorially driven, methodology the book explains who to discover what the business services really are and how to construct an overall business service architecture.

146 pages, 6"x9", ISBN 978-1-84728-398-6.

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Why A Service Architecture Is Important
  • Start At The Top
  • Core Definitions and Approach
  • Creating A Service Architecture
  • Completing the Service Architecture
  • Building The Complete Architecture
  • Classifying Services
  • Measuring KPIs
  • Understanding The Technical Language For “How”
  • Extracting Business Services From Existing IT
  • Impacts Of SOA On Project Planning
  • Using A Service Architecture In IT Support

About the Author

Steve Jones is currently a CTO at Capgemini responsible for determining how SOA impacts both their, and their clients', outsourcing and application development businesses.  A member of several standards bodies including the OASIS SOA Reference Model group, Java Business Integration and the original JAX-RPC group and is Capgemini's sponsor for their membership of both the Java Community Process and OASIS. He is a regular presenter at conferences on the business and technical challenges of SOA implementations and has acted as an advisor to several vendor product groups .