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InfoQ Homepage Guides High-Performance Teams: The Foundations

High-Performance Teams: The Foundations


Expanding on The Core Protocols, this book is a roadmap for anyone who wants to lead or participate fully in the greatest team experience of their lives. It is short and practical, focused on implementation and tactics for making changes to bring about effective results fast.

This book provides a framework for exploring the power of positivity and an abundance mindset, as well as the freedom that comes from engaging with work and colleagues honestly and transparently. Learn how to put in place the behaviors and commitments which will promote team emotional intelligence, and provide a psychologically-safe space for each individual to bring their best self to the group and perform optimally as a team.  

Each of the Core Protocols is explored in turn, along with actionable steps to put them into practice in a variety of settings. A great team deserves strong foundations, and this book will help you to achieve exactly that.

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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction    
  • Underpinning everything with positivity    
  • The discipline of freedom
  • Self-awareness: First, know what’s going on for you
  • Teamwork depends on connection
  • Productivity and high performance    
  • Staying aligned through effective error handling    
  • Conclusions and next steps    
  • Appendix: The Core Protocols    
  • The Core Commitments    
  • The Core Protocols