Scrum Checklist 2012

| by Boris Gloger Follow 1 Followers on Jan 14, 2013

About the Author

Over 5000 people trained in Scrum. More than 3500 are certified. He has consulted in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, England, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, the USA, and China. Boris Gloger, student of Ken Schwaber, inventor of Scrum, consults with his company enterprises to run their product development efforts efficiently, faster, and reliably. He has had his fare share in making Scrum the de facto standard of agile software development in Europe, South Africa, and Brazil.

Boris Gloger is the No. 1 in Germany concerning Scrum in a company. His customers reports that since they worked with his company their teams are much more productive.

Furthermore he had a major impact on developing Scrum generally: The retrospective for instance is one of his influences. He also developed the Scrum Checklist, which is used worldwide, helping ScrumMasters to work with teams quickly. Boris has influenced and worked together with other important Scrum people like Ken Schwaber, Norman Kerth, Jeff Sutherland, Tobias Mayer, Jens Östergaard and many, many trainers and consultants. He is always ready to share his knowledge with his consultants, with thousands of participants of his trainings, and the readers of his blog and books.

Scrum is a framework with simple rules. Scrum Checklists will help you to remember these simple rules in the heat of daily work and stress. Scrum Checklists enable you to create an enjoyable and productive work environment with your Scrum-Team.

Now  Scrum is enterprise ready! Use Scrum also for your multi-team, multi-location and multi-project environments. In this booklet you will find all necessary Checklists for scaled Scrum meetings, roles and artefacts to run Scrum in a LARGE scale effective and successful.

Free download

Courtesy of Boris Gloger, we're happy to offer the free nonprintable copy  for download, to get this knowledge in as many peoples hands as possible.

Purpose of this checklist:

  • For Scrum Beginners - Follow the Checklists, do Scrum by the book. This will enable you to run your first 3 to 4 Sprints very successfully. Your success will facilitate to spread Scrum in your organization.
  • For Scrum Intermediates - Use your common sense to tweak your processes guided by these Scrum Checklists.
  • As an experienced ScrumMaster - Use Scrum Checklists as your safety belt in stressful situations. Scrum Checklists do not replace experience and practice. Scrum Checklists are not procedures that you have to follow. Scrum Checklists help to run a successful Scrum in a demanding environment.

This booklet includes checklists for:

  • General meeting rules
  • Estimation Meeting
  • Sprint Planning - Part I and II
  • Daily Scrum
  • Taskboard, Flow, Charts, Roles and Artefacts
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Large Scale Scrum rules
  • Scaled Sprint Planning I and II
  • Product Owner Daily Scrum
  • Scrum of Scrums

32 pages booklet, Publisher: bor!sgloger Wien. Baden-Baden. ISBN-13: 978-3-000-32112-2

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