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InfoQ Homepage Guides The InfoQ eMag: Serverless Computing

The InfoQ eMag: Serverless Computing


In this InfoQ eMag, we curated some of the best serverless content into a single asset. We want to give you a relevant, pragmatic look at this emerging space. We’ve chosen five compelling pieces that give you the broadest perspective on serverless. First, we look at early adopter Mike Roberts’ take on the future of serverless. Next, you’ll find a piece from Rafal Gancarz that looks at how serverless takes DevOps to the next level. How should someone coming from an infrastructure mindset look at serverless Functions? Dan Sheehan considers this point. Some consider serverless platforms to be the next evolution of PaaS. Here, a group of authors evaluate what a zero-friction experience looks like. Finally, we have an insightful virtual panel consisting of a diverse set of experts.

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Serverless Computing eMag includes:

  • Serverless Takes DevOps to the Next Level - Rafal Gancarz explains how serverless doesn’t only supplement DevOps, but it goes beyond the current thinking on how IT organisations can achieve greater business agility. This article explores how.
  • Examining the Internals of a Serverless Platform: Moving towards a ‘Zero-Friction’ PaaS - The authors  explore how serverless platforms are built, operated and leveraged for rapid application delivery. A conclusion of this work is that the space is ripe for innovation.
  • The Future of Serverless Compute - As Serverless approaches end of early-adopter phase, Mike Roberts puts on prediction goggles on where this movement is going next and what changes are needed from organizations to support it. 
  • Lambda Functions Versus Infrastructure: Are We Trading Apples for Oranges?  Mike Roberts compares the tradeoffs of serverless models with VM/Container based models.
  • A Practical Approach to Serverless Computing - To learn more about this exciting space and the practical implications, InfoQ reached out to three experienced technologists.

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