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The 3 Pillars of Personal Effectiveness


This mini book is for everyone who is struggling with a high daily workload and often juggling with a lot of projects at once. Maybe the clear picture of what you are doing is missing leaving you stressed out with a constant feeling of being behind schedule? This sounds like a horror story but it has become the normal case for too many of us. The purpose of this mini book is to introduce you to the world of personal effectiveness and through simple steps help you get a better sense of importance, optimize your focus and improve your workflow in order to achieve more value.

The tools used are primarily a combination of Personal Kanban and The Pomodoro Technique®.

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Table of Contents

Foreword, Jim Benson

The First Pillar: Importance

  • Take the time to think
  • Learn to track your time
  • Learn to prioritize
  • Learn to respect your own prioritization

The Second Pillar: Focus

  • Learn to focus by learning The Pomodoro Technique®
  • Learn to see focused time as the success criteria
  • Learn to work in small iterations with a sustainable pace
  • Learn to handle external interruptions
  • Learn to handle your procrastinations
  • Learn to plan your day

The Third Pillar: Value

  • Learn effectiveness by learning Personal Kanban
  • Learn to visualize your workflow
  • Learn to limit work in progress
  • Learn to map your value stream
  • Learn to kaizen
  • Learn heijunka
  • Learn to enrich the context
  • Learn to Combine Personal Kanban and The Pomodoro Technique®