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Swift 4.2 Hits the Road

by Sergio De Simone Follow 17 Followers on  Sep 21, 2018

One year after the release of Swift 4, Swift 4.2 is now official. It brings a number of improvements to the language and the standard library, including better generics, Hashable protocol, and random number generation. Additionally, writes Swift maintainer Ted Kremenek, Swift 4 delivers faster compile times and improves the debugging experience.

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How Reddit Rewrote Their iOS App to Improve Performance, Modularity, and Testing

by Sergio De Simone Follow 17 Followers on  Sep 19, 2018

Reddit has been hard at work in the last year to improve the performance of their iOS app while also making it suitable for faster iteration cycles, improved test coverage, and better extensibility. All of this was made possible by evolving the app original MVC architecture into a Model-View-Presenter (MVP) architecture.

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Mozilla Pushes WebXR as New Open Web API for Augmented Reality

by Sergio De Simone Follow 17 Followers on  Sep 16, 2018

After adding support for WebVR to Firefox, Mozilla is now working on a new API, called WebXR, to bring mixed reality to the Web. Initially announced last year, WebXR aims to replace WebVR in time and to offer a smooth transition for developers using WebVR.

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Tink is Google Cryptographic Library for the Cloud, Android, and iOS

by Sergio De Simone Follow 17 Followers on  Sep 07, 2018

Tink is a multi-language, cross-platform cryptographic library developed by a group of cryptographers and security engineers at Google to help developers implement cryptography correctly without being cryptographic experts. Under development for the last two years, version 1.2 adds support for Cloud, Android, and iOS platforms, and C++ and Objective-C.

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Airbnb Open-Sources MvRx for Android App Development in Kotlin

by Sergio De Simone Follow 17 Followers on  Aug 30, 2018

MvRx (pronounced “mavericks”) helps Android developers implement common features and integrate their apps properly with the OS. MvRx is written in Kotlin and powers all Android development at Airbnb, writes Airbnb engineer Gabriel Peal.

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The Machine Learning Behind Android Pie Smart Linkify API

by Alex Giamas Follow 9 Followers on  Aug 20, 2018

Last week, Google announced Android 9, codenamed Pie. Android is launching a set of new features, powered by Artificial Intelligence. One of the most important new AI powered features is Android Smart Linkify. This article explores the architecture behind the dual in-device Neural Network powering content understanding in context to generate smart links on any text showing up on an Android phone.

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Microsoft Driver Module Framework Aims to Ease Windows Driver Development

by Sergio De Simone Follow 17 Followers on  Aug 20, 2018

Windows driver developers should now have an easier way to create simple and structured drivers, as well as to share code amongst drivers, using the new Microsoft Driver Module Framework (DMF), which has been recently open sourced.

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Android Pie Brings Adaptive Battery, Neural Networks API 1.1 and More

by Diogo Carleto Follow 40 Followers on  Aug 15, 2018

Google has released Android Pie. Android Pie brings display cutout support, Neural Networks API 1.1, Magnifier widget, Adaptive Battery, Slices, Indoor positioning with Wi-Fi RTT, and more.

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Microsoft Previews Windows 10 IoT Core Services

by Sergio De Simone Follow 17 Followers on  Jul 19, 2018

Microsoft is previewing a new paid service for its Windows 10 IoT Core OS that enables managed device updates and device health assessment. Additionally, the new service will guarantee a 10 year support lifespan for each version of the OS after its release.

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Android Studio 3.2 Beta 3 Brings Navigation Editor, Android App Bundle and More

by Diogo Carleto Follow 40 Followers on  Jul 13, 2018

Google has released Android Studio 3.2 Beta 3 in the Beta channel. This version brings a new Assistant panel and Navigation Editor, Android Jetpack, AndroidX migration, Android App Bundle, new Android Profiler, Lint checking, and more.

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Android Emulator Now Supports AMD Hardware Acceleration and Hyper-V on Windows

by Sergio De Simone Follow 17 Followers on  Jul 11, 2018

The latest release of the Android Emulator for Windows aims thus to boost its performance when running on AMD processors or a Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor by bringing support for hardware accelerated enhancements that were previously only available for Intel processors.

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Continuous Integration for Google Play Apps

by Sergio De Simone Follow 17 Followers on  Jul 05, 2018

At the last Google I/O conference, Google introduced version 3 of its Google Play Publishing API, which enables developers to publish their apps to Google Play from their continuous integration workflows.

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Flutter Release Preview 1 Supports ML Kit and More

by Diogo Carleto Follow 40 Followers on  Jul 04, 2018

Google recently announced Flutter Release Preview 1. Flutter is an open-source framework for cross-platform app development for both iOS and Android. Flutter Release Preview 1 includes support for hardware keyboards and barcode scanners, video recording, ML Kit, an update to the Flutter extension for Visual Studio Code, and more.

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Android P Will Expand its Use of Compiler-Based Security Mitigations

by Sergio De Simone Follow 17 Followers on  Jul 02, 2018

The upcoming Android P, which was recently released in beta, will use more compiler-based security mitigations, writes Google engineer Ivan Lozano, including control flow integrity and integer overflow sanitization.

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Google Released Cloud IoT Core Client Library for Android Things

by Diogo Carleto Follow 40 Followers on  Jun 27, 2018

Google has released a client library to make it easy for developers to use Google Cloud IoT Core from Android Things devices. Developers can connect to the IoT Core MQTT bridge, authenticate a device, publish device telemetry, subscribe to configuration changes, and handle errors and network outages.

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