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Building Reliability in an Unreliable World by Greg Murphy Posted on Apr 20, 2017 Greg Murphy describes how GameSparks has designed their platform to be tolerant of many things: unreliable and slow internet connectivity, cloud resources that can fail without warning or suffer performance degradation, and poorly-performing or resource-heavy customer code in a multi-tenant environment.

Building a Cloud Ecosystem Architecture by Chris Haddad Posted on Mar 05, 2013 Chris Haddad discusses cloud computing, PaaS, multi-tenancy, cloud ecosystems, cloud aware APIs from the perspective and the benefits it can provide to the business.

Securing OAuth2-Enabled, Multi-Tenant Applications with Spring Security by Robert Winch Posted on Aug 03, 2012 Robert Winch explains how to secure a multi-tenant application with Spring Security and how to enable OAuth 2. 3