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  • Concurrency and Immutability

    This article explores the issue of immutability as a function of concurrency demands in modern software applications. The discussion occurs in the general context of dependency injection.

  • Domain-Driven Design in an Evolving Architecture

    Mat Wall and Nik Silver explain how their has been using Domain-Driven Design in an evolving and Agile environment, at high traffic news site

  • Using singleton classes for object metadata

    So you have a bunch of objects - let's call it an object graph - provided by some API. Now you want to to process the objects - which requires some intermediate data, for instance: the process creates some metadata that needs to be stored with the objects. The problem: where to store the metadata? We'll show how to use Ruby singleton classes to handle this problem.

  • Book Review: Implementation Patterns

    Kent Beck's new book, Implementation Patterns, is a book about writing code in Java. The patterns in this book are based on Kent's reading of existing code as well as his own programming habits. The patterns in this book are meant to be a coherent view of how to write code people can understand that serves human as well as economic needs.