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  • Web Storage APIs - Pete Lepage at Google's Web.Dev

    New APIs have emerged to answer the need of a web moving from documents to applications. Pete Lepage presented at LIVE a short but thorough description of the options developers have to store and cache data on the client. The CacheStorage, StorageManager and other APIs help developers create applications with offline capabilities and performance closer to native mobile applications’.

  • Going Offline with LocalForage

    The Mozilla Foundation has released localForage, a new JavaScript library that promises to simplify the process of storing offline data in web applications. What makes this library unique is the fact that it tries to combine the best of both worlds: the features of some more recent technologies (asynchronism and blob support) with a simple API.

  • Microsoft is Ready to Go Offline : Introduces Sync Framework

    Microsoft introduced their synchronization platform known as the Microsoft Sync Framework. This framework allows developers to create off-line applications, devices and services that will integrate any type of data with any application.

  • Offline Storage Mechanisms Compared

    Niall Kennedy has written an article on boosting Ajax performance using local storage. He discusses four different local storage mechanisms (cookies, Flash local shared object, userData in IE, and DOM storage in Firefox), mentions Dojo Storage as a way to abstract them and concludes that local storage is the next logical step for Ajax applications.