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  • AIOps: Site Reliability Engineering at Scale

    AIOps can simplify and streamline processes which can reduce the mental burden on employees while improving communication and collaboration between departments.

  • AIOps Strategies for Augmenting Your IT Operations

    AIOps techniques can be used to decrease the workload on IT Operations teams while also improving outage resolution time and increasing innovation. In implementing AIOps strategies it is important to start small and have measurable KPIs to track progress and performance.

  • How to Bridge the Gap between Netops and Secops for Ultimate Network Management and Security

    Sometimes it can seem like a new IT management paradigm arrives every week. First, we had DevOps; then DevSecOps; now the most innovative organizations are talking about AIOps and even NetAIOps. Yet what is often forgotten about in this rush to name new ways of working is that many of them have been in place in the best-run teams for decades - a great example of this is NetOps and SecOps.

  • Continuous Learning as a Tool for Adaptation

    The fifth and capstone article in a series on how software companies adapted and continue to adapt to enhance their resilience explores key themes with a special view on the practicality of organizational resilience. It also provides practical guidance to engineering leadership and recommendations on how to create this investment.

  • Exploring Costs of Coordination During Outages - QCon London Q&A

    Coordinating different skills, knowledge and experience is necessary for coping with complex, time-pressured events, but it incurs costs. Well-designed coordination is smooth and can be trained for. Learning how to take initiative, being observable to your counterparts and engaging in reciprocity are examples of strategies engineers can use to lower costs of coordination during outages.

  • 5 IT Operations Cost Traps and How to Avoid Them

    Decisions during the initial development or integration phase for new solutions impact future operations and maintenance costs heavily, no matter whether your organisation follows an DevOps, #noprojects, or project vs. operations philosophy. Explore cost pitfalls related to wrong funding expectations or tensions between stakeholders - and why you waste money without a simplistic cost model.