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Popular Python Data Science Platform Anaconda Now Shipping with Microsoft VS Code

by Tim Hodkinson Follow 9 Followers on  Mar 04, 2018

Release 5.1 of Anaconda, the data science and machine learning platform, now includes Visual Studio Code as an IDE. This is part of a wider collaborative effort between Anaconda Inc. and Microsoft.

DevOps Follow 522 Followers

Cilium 1.0.0-rc4 Released: Transparently Secure Container Network Connectivity Utilising Linux BPF

by Daniel Bryant Follow 497 Followers on  Mar 04, 2018

Cilium is open source software for transparently securing the network connectivity. Cilium 1.0.0-rc4 has recently been released, which includes: the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)-hosted Envoy configured as the default HTTP/gRPC proxy; the addition of a simple health overview for connectivity and other errors; and an improved scalable kvstore interaction layer.

Architecture & Design Follow 1475 Followers

Event-Driven Microservices at O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference NY

by Mark Little Follow 9 Followers on  Mar 04, 2018

We've discussed event driven microservices architectures in the past, and the recent O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference NY had a focus on that topic which The New Stack's Joab Jackson reports upon.

Mobile Follow 109 Followers

Google’s Cross-Platform Mobile UI Framework Flutter Now in Beta

by Sergio De Simone Follow 7 Followers on  Mar 02, 2018

Flutter, now in beta, is Google attempt to create a framework for cross-platform interfaces for both iOS and Android apps that behave and feel like native, although not standard, UIs.

.NET Follow 223 Followers

.NET Core 2.1 Preview 1 Released

by Jeff Martin Follow 9 Followers on  Mar 02, 2018 1

The first preview of .NET Core 2.1 is now available for download. This gives developers a chance to try out the new features first hand on their local system.

.NET Follow 223 Followers

EF Core: Unifying SQL and NoSQL Databases

by Jonathan Allen Follow 426 Followers on  Mar 02, 2018

One of the original goals of EF Core was to develop a model wherein both SQL and NoSQL style databases could be used with little or no change to the code. Microsoft is taking the first steps towards that goal with an experimental EF provider for Azure Cosmos DB.

DevOps Follow 522 Followers

QASymphony Launches New Products for Centralised Test Automation and BDD

by Helen Beal Follow 1 Followers on  Mar 02, 2018

Test management vendor, QASymphony, has announced two new products: qTest Launch and qTest Scenario Enterprise as part of its qTest 9 release. qTest Launch provides centralised management for test automation. qTest Scenario Enterprise is aimed at teams practicing behaviour-driven development (BDD).

.NET Follow 223 Followers

Fixing .NET’s HttpClient

by Jonathan Allen Follow 426 Followers on  Mar 01, 2018 1

As we reported back in 2016, .NET’s HttpClient has some serious issues. With the introduction of HttpClientFactory in .NET Core 2.1, some of those issues have been mitigated.

Culture & Methods Follow 435 Followers

Updates in the Nexus Guide Stress the Importance of Integration and Transparency

by Ben Linders Follow 15 Followers on  Mar 01, 2018 2

The major changes in the updated Nexus Guide include clarifications to the role of the Nexus Integration team, an explanation on how transparency at scale looks, and alignment with the 2017 Scrum Guide. The Nexus Guide is a framework that helps organizations to scale Scrum.

Architecture & Design Follow 1475 Followers

Microsoft Directly Challenges MongoDB and Cassandra with Cosmos DB

by Jonathan Allen Follow 426 Followers on  Mar 01, 2018 3

The term “Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish” is often thrown about whenever someone is upset with Microsoft. Superficially it describes any attempt by a technology company to attract users of a competitor’s product, but the actual strategy is more complicated than that. In this report will use Azure Cosmos DB to illustrate the concept.

Java Follow 668 Followers

Eclipse Open J9 – an Open Source Java Virtual Machine Based on the Eclipse OMR Project

by Monica Beckwith Follow 430 Followers on  Mar 01, 2018 1

In early 2016, IBM open sourced the core, non-Java parts of the J9 runtime environment under the Eclipse OMR project. The OMR project is a language-agnostic runtime toolkit. In 2017, IBM also open sourced their J9 JVM as OpenJ9. OpenJ9 consumes Eclipse OMR and itself fits into the Java class libraries from OpenJDK 9 and future releases.

Cloud Follow 194 Followers

AWS Makes Serverless Application Repository Generally Available

by Steffen Opel Follow 2 Followers on  Feb 28, 2018

After a brief preview period since re:Invent 2017, Amazon Web Services (AWS) made its new Serverless Application Repository generally available. Users can now discover, configure, and deploy serverless applications and components via the AWS Lambda console, which AWS considers an "ideal venue for AWS partners, enterprise customers, and independent developers to share their serverless creations".

Java Follow 668 Followers

A First Look at Java 10 Release Candidate 1

by Michael Redlich Follow 10 Followers on  Feb 28, 2018 5

Scheduled for a GA release on March 20, 2018, Java 10 RC1 is now available for the Java community. This will be the first upgrade that will follow Oracle’s new six-month release cycle. The most intriguing and anticipated feature in Java 10 is local-variable type inference that introduces the new reserved type name, var.

Mobile Follow 109 Followers

Google ARCore Hits 1.0, Runs on More Devices

by Sergio De Simone Follow 7 Followers on  Feb 28, 2018

Following its preview announcement, Google is now releasing ARCore 1.0, which greatly extends the set of supported devices.

JavaScript Follow 239 Followers

Webpack 4.0 Release Brings Simplified Configuration, WebAssembly Support, and Big Performance Boost

by Kevin Ball Follow 1 Followers on  Feb 28, 2018

Webpack, the most popular JavaScript module bundler, released version 4.0 on Sunday, February 25. The version contains a complete rewrite of the plugin system, new first class module types including support for WebAssembly, simplified configuration options, and much more. The update also comes with big performance improvements, with reports of anywhere from 60% to 98% reduction in build time.

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