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Paul Germeraad Discusses Using Innovation Games for R&D by Paul Germeraad Posted on May 01, 2013 Paul Germeraad talks with us about using Innovation Games for R&D, intellectual property, patent trolls, and the San Jose Budget Games.

Mike Lee and Brian LeRoux on Mobile Development, Patents, Cross Platform UIs by Mike Lee and Brian LeRoux Posted on Dec 22, 2011 Mike Lee and Brian LeRoux discuss how patents affect app developers and approaches to keep away patent trolls. Also: when to choose native GUIs over web GUIs for mobile apps - and when not.

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A Brief Introduction to the Java and .NET Patent Issues by Tim Smith Posted on Sep 09, 2010 With the recent legal battle between Google and Oracle there is a renewed focus on the patent issues for Java and .NET. Tim Smith introduces the licenses offered by Oracle/Sun and Microsoft, with a focus on how they may affect third party implementation. Possible motivations for Google Android’s unique implementation are also covered. 9

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