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  • Experiences from Using a Disciplined Approach to Change

    When a company embraces the agile path, the first question is: “Where do I want to go?” and not “What is the right framework to do agile?” A disciplined approach to change can help you to choose from possible practices such as a “design pattern book” for agile transformation, and to identify when a practice is promising and when the current context is not the most favorable for it.

  • Examining the Value of Agile Certifications

    Ben Linders has recently authored several blog posts examining the benefits of living by the principles and behaviours of Agility over pursuing certifications or adopting frameworks. Knowledge Hut’s recent survey of Agile certifications indicated that those with a greater focus on work-based experience tend to correlate with higher earnings. We report on recent thinking around certifications.

  • Should Agile Projects Be Innovative?

    Agile was considered to be synonymous with innovation. However, Scrum Alliance co-founder Mike Cohn earlier criticized modern Scrum for focusing too much on meeting the time goals at the expense of exploring innovative solutions

  • Software Extension to PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition Released

    Project Management Institute recently published software extension to the PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition. It includes mapping and replacing traditional approaches with their agile alternatives to ease the transition from traditional to agile methods.

  • PMI Agile Certified Professional Body of Knowledge

    There is no single central reference for those seeking to prepare for the new Project Management Institute - Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) test; instead the PMI provides a list of test areas, and reference books, which taken together constitute the body of knowledge for the certification.

  • PMI Agile Certification Pilot Starting

    Early adopters who want to be among the first to earn the new PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) designation can apply starting May 23rd for the PMI Agile Certification pilot. Those selected for the pilot will need to take and pass a multiple choice exam on Agile fundamentals to receive the PMI-ACP certification.

  • Agile Leaders Weigh in on PMI Agile Certification

    Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber welcomes PMI's establishment of its own Agile certification program, and has recently posted his thoughts.

  • PMI Agile Certification Pilot Begins in May 2011

    With the growing presence of Agile sessions at PMI conferences, there was a strong speculation that PMI would be embracing Agile. PMI finally announced their own Agile certification.

  • Two Worlds Collide: PMI and Agile

    Recently, a slide deck published by PMI Network magazine entitled “Is Agile Right for your project?” created quite some ripples on twitter as well as PMI Agile group.

  • Differences and Learning: the PMI-Agile Project Heats Up

    The PMI-Agile project's mission is to bring agile knowledge and skills to all PMI practitioners. Yet what has emerged is much more interesting than that. The project's Yahoo group has evolved into a place where worlds collide. There is some "heat" developing as a result of the differences and diversity found in this forum. InfoQ explored this in detail, and spoke with Ron Jeffries to learn more.

  • The "Command and Control" Military Gets Agile

    Agility is a term that is gaining traction in some very unusual places. The military is suddenly taking Agility very seriously. The military defines Agility as "the ability to successfully respond to change". The term "command and control" is used so commonly in the military that is abbreviated to "C2" in common usage. There is also a C2 Journal, which has had many articles on Agility recently.

  • Is the Agile Community Being Unreasonable?

    A recent thread on the pmi-agile Yahoo! group discusses some frustrations of the Agile recommendations that seem on the verge of naivete.

  • PMI Launches Agile Community of Practice at Agile2009

    The Project Management Institute (PMI) officially launched their Agile Community of Practice at the Agile2009 conference. The group's stated mission is: "To equip PMI Members with Agile skills and knowledge" Mike Griffiths has been credited with getting things moving when he issued a challenge at Agile 2007 that PMI form an Agile Specific Interest Group.

  • The PMI Agile Community of Practice

    Agile and the Project Management Institute (PMI). For many years and for many people this combination of terms rings a similar connotation as "oil and water"; they don't mix. But, is this justified? Jesse Fewell, Dan Mezick, and others say no and are aiming to bring agile into the PMI with the new 'PMI Agile Community of Practice'.

  • Series: Churchill, the Agile PM

    Mark Kozak-Holland is the author of the book "Churchill's Adaptive Enterprise: Lessons for Business Today". In his series, he studies Churchill's history and habits, and draws parallels between events in World War II and today's business challenges. In episode 2, Mr. Churchill inherits his "project" from hell...