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InfoQ Homepage Podcasts Andrea Magnorsky on Paradigm Shifts and the Adoption of Programming Languages

Andrea Magnorsky on Paradigm Shifts and the Adoption of Programming Languages


On this podcast, we talk with Andrea Magnorsky, who is a tech lead at Goodlord on their engineering squads; she has a background in Scala, C#, and organised conferences. Today we’ll be talking about paradigm shifts.

Key Takeaways

  • A programming paradigm has a loose definition. It's just about finding a way of doing things.
  • There are a number of different ways to think about problems - and different paradigms do this in different ways.
  • To shift paradigms, you have to un-learn some of your instincts.
  • When adopting a new paradigm if people don’t want to learn anything, then they won’t.
  • Multiple paradigms help you apply different ways of thinking about solutions to problems because solutions vary across languages.
  • Quick ways to start gaining knowledge and adoption for new languages are to use a new language as a test harness for your existing code.

Show notes will follow shortly.

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