• How Composite C1 Found Success by Becoming Open Source

    by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 13, 2014 2

    In today’s environment it is difficult to offer commercial products, especially in highly competitive fields such as content management systems. Finding themselves being squeezed out of the market, Composite C1 found a way to thrive by releasing their core product under an open source license with cloud based hosting.

  • Catching up with Nuxeo: Switching from Python to Java

    by Charles Humble on  Aug 09, 2010 14

    Back in 2006 InfoQ covered a story about Nuxeo, an open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) specialist company, who had announced that it was changing its core technology platform from Python to Java. Four years on we caught up with Eric Barroca, CEO at Nuxeo, to find out how that conversion went, and to explore their new technology stack and position in the ECM industry.

  • Developing Portlets using JSF, Ajax, and Seam (Part 3 of 3)

    by Wesley Hales on  Sep 16, 2008 5

    This article, the last in a three-part series, expands upon the previous articles by introducing Seam. It covers integrating Seam into the previous sample application, deploying a Seam portlet, Bridgelets, Single-sign on between Seam and JBoss Portal, and several new features and capabilities of JBoss Portlet Bridge.

Developing Portlets using JSF, Ajax, and Seam (Part 2 of 3)

Posted by Wesley Hales on  Aug 19, 2008

This article covers setting up a RichFaces portlet using JBoss Portlet Container and JBoss Portlet Bridge, deploying a RichFaces portlet, and RichFaces capabilities. 3

Developing Portlets using JSF, Ajax, and Seam (Part 1 of 3)

Posted by Wesley Hales on  Aug 06, 2008

This article covers setting up a new project using JBoss Portlet Container and JBoss Portlet Bridge, configuring a JSF app to use JBoss Portlet Bridge, and JBoss Portlet Bridge capabilities. 6

An Overview of the eXo Platform

Posted by Benjamin Mestrallet Tugdual Grall on  Jul 23, 2008

Mestrallet and Grall cover the eXo platform, the Portlet 1.0 (JSR 168) and 2.0 (JSR 286) specs, eXo Web 2.0 Portal, JSR 286 Inter-portlet communication, eXo JCR and eXo Enterprise Content Management. 1

David Nuescheler on JCR and REST

Posted by Stefan Tilkov on  Jun 10, 2008

In this interview, Day CTO and JCR Spec Lead David Nuescheler discusses JCR, the Java Content Repository standard, its connection to REST, and the Sling web framework. 2

Integrating Java Content Repository and Spring

Posted by Costin Leau on  Mar 12, 2007

Costin Leau introduces JSR 170 & how Spring Modules' JCR module simplifies JSR-170 API development much like how Spring simplifies ORM. 10

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