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Are You Ready for 1000-Way Parallelism on a Single Chip?
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| by Andreas Olofsson Follow 0 Followers on Jul 03, 2014 |

Andreas Olofsson reviews the history of processors and outlines some of the challenges ahead, introducing project Parallella meant to speed up the transition to massively parallel computing.


Andreas Olofsson (@adapteva) founded Adapteva in 2008. Prior to Adapteva, he was a key contributor to a number of successful products at Analog Devices, including the ground breaking TigerSHARC DSP architecture. The TigerSHARC was the first processor to enable software programmable 3G and WiMax base station platforms and was the most energy efficient floating point microprocessor at that time.

Code Mesh London is an annual conference dedicated to non-mainstream languages and technologies. In 2013 it featured over 50 talks from experts in languages, libraries, operating systems and technologies that handle the programming and business challenges of today. Languages discussed include Haskell, Clojure, Erlang, Elixir, Rust, Go and Julia.