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The Structure of API Revolutions



Daniel Jacobson shares advice on dealing with evolving APIs based on his experience with Netflix APIs.


Daniel Jacobson is the director of API engineering at Netflix. Prior to Netflix, he was at NPR where he created the NPR API as well as the content management system that drives, mobile platforms and all other digital presentations for NPR content. Daniel’s experience in running leading API programs is unparalleled on both technical and strategic levels.

About the conference

API Strategy and Practice is a vendor neutral and community supported API industry conference.

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Apr 18, 2013

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Community comments

  • REST and Experience-based API are orthogonal

    by Christopher Atkins,

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    Perhaps Daniel meant a more colloquial understanding of REST ("Street REST", REST as CRUD), but it sounds to me that this experience-based API approach is just more sophisticated resource modeling. Having experience-specific teams that define the resources they consume is perhaps the "revolutionary" idea, though I suspect there is plenty of prior art along those lines. Werner Vogels, for example, has given talks on numerous occasions where he points out that the Amazon homepage is the result of 200+ service calls.

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