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Agile Adoption is Fool's Gold (and other Stories from the Coal Face)
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| by Rob Bowley on Jun 28, 2012 | NOTICE: The next QCon is in New York Jun 26-30, 2017. Join us!

Rob Bowley shares lessons learned while doing Agile: Scrum is not that bad, Don’t call it Agile, Doing the right thing vs doing it right, Identify the change agents, Hire good people, etc.

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Rob Bowley is Head of Development at 7digital Ltd, a digital media delivery company (primarily music) based in London. Rob played a pivotal role in the introduction of Agile at 7digital starting over 3 years ago and was also heavily involved in introducing Agile at his previous position at BBC Worldwide. He is Co-Programme Chair for Tweeter: @robbowley. Blog:

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