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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Agile and UX: How to Do Both and Not Lose Your Mind

Agile and UX: How to Do Both and Not Lose Your Mind



Darci Dutcher provides practical advice for introducing UX to agile teams.


Darci Dutcher is currently a Senior User Experience Designer and Agile Process Coach at IG Group, where she is helping to bring agile methodologies to a marketing department, ensuring a continued focus on the user experience. Darci began her professional life as a software engineer developing the front end of several applications ranging from flight simulators to project management software.

About the conference

Agile Cambridge is THE learning and collaborating conference for Agile and Lean practitioners in the East of England. The event also draws participants from across the country, mainland Europe and further afield. It is one of the most successful Agile conferences in the UK.

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Dec 12, 2012