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SOA as an Architectural Pattern: Best Practices in Software Architecture
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| by Grady Booch Follow 0 Followers on Feb 04, 2010 |

For Grady Booch the foundation of a good architecture is patterns, SOA being just one of many patterns. In this Second Life presentation, Booch attempts to bring more clarity to some basic concepts: enterprise, patterns, frameworks, architecture, SOA, development, architecture lifecycle, best practices, what they are and what the aren’t, emphasizing the role and importance of patterns.


Grady Booch was Chief Scientist at Rational until its acquisition by IBM in 2003. He now is Chief Scientist for Software Engineering at IBM. He is the author of six books including UML Users Guide and Object-Oriented Analysis with Applications. An IBM Fellow, Booch is also member of ACM, IEEE, AAAS and CPSR having received Dr. Dobb's Excellence in Programming award as well as three Jolt Awards.

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