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BPM: Top Seven Architectural Topics in 2010
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by Hajo Normann on Nov 12, 2010 |

Hajo Normann details on how to design a BPM/SOA solution including: modeling human interaction, improving BPM models, orchestrating composed services, central task management, new approaches for business-IT alignment, solutions for non-deterministic processes, and choreography.


Hajo Normann is a SOA/BPM architect at HP Enterprise Services using Oracle SOA Suite and BPM Suite. He has been Oracle ACE Director since 2007, and he has been leading together with Torsten Winterberg the group "DOAG SIG SOA" since 2008. Normann is a co-founder of the "Masons-of-SOA", consisting of architects from Oracle Germany, Opitz Consulting, SOPERA and HP looking to spread SOA knowledge.

The International SOA Symposium is a yearly event that features the top SOA experts and authors from around the world, providing a series of keynotes, talks, demonstrations, panels, and SOA training and certification workshops - all with an emphasis on realizing SOA in the real world.

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