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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Banking Case Study: Scaling with Low Latency using NewSQL

Banking Case Study: Scaling with Low Latency using NewSQL



Jags Ramnarayan and Jim Bedenbaugh present the case of a bank who adopted SQLFire, covering the business requirements, the scalability issues, patterns used and the chosen solution.


Jags Ramnarayan is the Chief Architect for GemFire, VMWare. Jags has been a part of several Java standards - EJB, J2EE, XML based JSRs like JAXM, and W3C SOAP. Jim Bedenbaugh was a contributor to Head First EJB, has worked across a broad area of technologies, starting on IBM mainframes in the early 1980’s and eventually moving to the client server technologies in the 1990’s.

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Apr 11, 2012