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InfoQ Homepage Presentations A Discussion of Basic vs. Applied Research in the Software Domain and the Creation of Erlang

A Discussion of Basic vs. Applied Research in the Software Domain and the Creation of Erlang



Bjarne Däcker recounts the story of CSLab at Ericsson, the birthplace or Erlang, how it started, some of the projects leading to Erlang, and its eventual success inside Ericsson as Erlang/OTP.


Bjarne Däcker joined Ericsson in 1966 as programmer and systems analyst, where he set up the Computer Science Lab, the birthplace of Erlang, together with Mike Williams in 1984. Däcker was Chairman of the steering committee of the Swedish national research programme in Computer Science 1987-1992 and is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of the Engineering Sciences.

About the conference

The Erlang Factory is an event that focuses on Erlang - the computer language that was designed to support distributed, fault-tolerant, soft-realtime applications with requirements for high availability and high concurrency. The main part of the Factory is the conference - a two-day collection of focused subject tracks with an enormous opportunity to meet the best minds in Erlang and network with experts in all its uses and applications.

Recorded at:

Sep 17, 2010

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  • nice presentation

    by Leandro Coutinho,

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    I hope more people start using Erlang. :]

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