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Lessons from Functional Programming in Five Languages
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| by Robert Rees Follow 0 Followers on Jan 13, 2013 |

Robert Rees shares lessons learned while using Clojure and applied them to other languages, Scala, JavaScript and Java.


Robert Rees is currently a development manager at the Guardian and in the past has co-founded the idea management startup Wazoku, been a consultant with ThoughtWorks and in the very ancient past was an SMS billing subject matter expert. He has slowly been converted to the power of functional programming through learning Clojure, the Lisp on the JVM.

Intended to be hands-on and interactive, FP Days gives you the opportunity to share experiences with others, find out more about the latest available tools and techniques, network with your peers and have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.The event has a strong, practical focus on learning more about the principles of Functional Programming, using it effectively and exploring possibilities with current FP technologies.