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Macros are Hard!



David McNeil introduces a model for thinking about Clojure evaluation through code samples with the purpose for an easier understanding and writing of macros.


David McNeil is a Christian, husband, father, programmer, currently writing Clojure full-time at Revelytix creating semantic web products.

About the conference

Clojure/West is a new conference bringing the Clojure community together to discuss techniques, tools, and the state of the Clojure ecosystem March 16-17th for three tracks of sessions. Prior to the conference, register for three days of training by the Clojure experts.

Recorded at:

Oct 04, 2012

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Community comments

  • Excellent presentation

    by Kai Middleton,

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    This is a phenomenal presentation on Clojure macros. I saw the presentation in person at Clojure West last year and I was very happy to have the video available online where I could pause it and carefully consider the diagrams that David McNeil compiled. Lots of excellent detail.

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